Through the Looking Glass

In today’s world, influencers and social media play a huge role in what we wear, where we shop, and what we buy. I for one, am guilty of loving a gorgeous pic on Instagram, having to have “it”, buying it, and ending up disapointed-  in the quality, the fit, the overall potato look it gives me. So, here’s a page of honesty. Do those workout leggings really make your butt look bigger? Or is it the angle of the pic that you will never be in real life that makes us want the leggings. That swimsuit? Super sexy, right? But are you in trouble if you actually have to walk or swim in it? For me, fashion needs to meet functionality. Those cute shoes need to be walk-able on NYC streets. DM me on Insta @allisonwonderlands_ with the products and brands you want reviewed in future posts.

Happy shopping fashion lovers

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